The Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL is an amazing place to visit! It is actually the most ancient Spanish church in America, which means it dates all the way back to the eighth century. St. Bernard’s Cathedral is a magnificent medieval Spanish church cloister that was built in Sacramenia, Segovia, in the tenth century but left behind in the twelfth century. Since then it has been in continuous operation as a historical monument to those who lived during this period. It sits on the main island of Gran Canaria, just off the coast of Spain and is only open from May to October when the weather is favorable. More about North Miami Beach, FL can be seen here.


The ruins of this church are well preserved and are protected by law, so that visitors can visit them. Visitors will find that there is nothing fancy about visiting this historic site, as it is completely clean and quiet. There are several museums on site, as well as an exquisite collection of antique weapons and other memorabilia from the Middle Ages. You will also be able to see the ancient art and architecture from the time of the church, which was constructed in the Gothic style. You can even find beautiful examples of what they used for the construction, such as tiles, plaster, and even wood. As you tour the area, you can see the various churches, monasteries, and cathedrals all lined up next to one another, as well as many beautiful gardens and cemeteries. You can even see the city of Seville and the spectacular Costa Brava from a bird’s eye view. Click here to read about Enhance Your Talent in Art at Trazos Art Academy in North Miami Beach, FL.


You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the area in several ways, as the island is easily accessible from South Beach and you don’t have to drive too far. The Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL is located directly across the street from South Beach, which means you can easily reach it from any of the bars on the beach. It’s easy to walk around the island and see the different monuments, which were designed by famous architects of the time. You will definitely want to bring along your camera to capture the wonderful sights as they become visible, but you will be pleased you did. As you look at them. This is one of the few places in the entire world where you will be able to see the remains of such a large and impressive structure.