Andover, Florida, USA is a town within the city of Miami Gardens, FL, USA. It has about 8 thousand residents. It is located in the center of the upscale suburb of Brickell, which was part of the older city of Miami, Florida. The original name of this town Andover was derived from the fact that it once was one of those surveyors for the colony of Androscoggin. Later on, the name was changed due to political reasons to avoid confusion. Learn more here.

Today, Andover, Florida still stands as a strong community with pride and integrity. It’s the main representative of the United States’ Postsecondary Education Program and is considered the second-largest school district in the state of Florida. Brickell was once known as the financial district of Miami and all of its developments are modeled after those of the financial district of Miami. Andover, Florida also has a port that is an attraction for all sorts of large ships and cruise lines, which makes it a prime location to anchor a cruise ship in any of its Florida ports. If you’ve never been to Andover, then you should go and see what all the hype is about. Andover, Florida is a place that you shouldn’t miss if you ever get the chance to go. This is one of those cities that you shouldn’t miss seeing because it has something to offer you can’t afford not to at all. Learn more about The Ever-Changing and Wonderful West Park, Florida.

Andover, Florida still holds a predominant place among the people of southern Florida who are fond of a good place to live and to visit. Many Florida families have roots that go back to Andover, Florida since it has been their home since the time that they immigrated to the United States many decades ago. Many people who are proud of their Andover, Florida roots often visit the community and visit their schools, which are also located there.

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