Biscayne Park, Florida is a very popular neighborhood in Miami-Dade County. Biscayne Park has seen a steady increase in home values over the past few years and is one of the most expensive areas in Florida to live in. Biscayne Park has always been a top-notch neighborhood but is seeing an influx of new, young professionals moving into the area to work for high-profile firms like Scottrade and Morgan Stanley. These professionals are bringing wealth to this area and bodes well for the future of Biscayne Park, Florida. Visit this link for more information.


Biscayne Park, Florida is located on the south coast of Florida directly south of the Miami Ocean. Biscayne Park has a very diverse background, having been historically a French Creole community. The current residents are mainly Hispanic and many speak Spanish in their homes and daily. Read about Bay Harbor Islands, Florida – One of Florida’s Most Beautiful Areas here. 

If you have ever lived or visited Biscayne Park, you know that it is an extremely diverse community. Some neighborhoods are lower-income, middle class and wealthy all packed together in what seems to be an endless traffic jam of shopping malls, restaurants, and clubs. This has drawn people from all over the world to come to Florida, especially Biscayne Park and it is starting to attract even more people as the economy of the state starts to pick up. Many people come to Florida to do so because they want to escape the stresses of daily life, come to a place where everything is laid back and there’s no stress. With an economy that is expected to rebound strongly in the upcoming years, it looks like Florida might just have the perfect climate for a relaxed way of life. It looks like Biscayne Park may just have the formula to keep that lifestyle alive well into the future.

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