The Fulford-by-The Sea Monument is an ancient fountain in North Miami Beach, FL. It was originally built in 1926 as part of the construction project of the Fulford-by-The-sea Company. The fountain was once among the largest in Florida at that time, and it was considered one of the greatest natural wonders of North America. It is considered the most beautiful example of Art Deco design in the country. It is situated on a large stretch of land along Florida’s south coast. When it was first constructed, this majestic structure seemed to be like nothing else in the world, but today it is one of Florida’s must see tourist attractions. It can be seen by many people in Miami Beach. Learn more facts here.


A large portion of this monument is in the state of North Carolina, although portions of it were in Washington D.C. before being moved to Florida. It is a great place to see the beautiful views of the ocean from a beautiful location. It is also a great place to get a glimpse of the historic times when this area was a popular place for the rich and famous. There are also many interesting historical artifacts scattered around the area of this monument. Read about North Miami Beach – Explore The Greynolds Park in Florida here.


Because it is located in Florida, you will find that the Fulford-By-the-sea Monument in North Carolina, FL is fairly easy to reach. You can reach it by sea or by air depending on where you are coming from. You can also get there by a road trip by car if you are interested in taking the road trip route to see this monument. There is a boat ramp near the monument, so you can take a trip there without any trouble. Whether you are taking a vacation or you just want to see this unique monument while visiting Florida, this is a great place for you to visit.