The Trazos Art Academy in North Miami Beach, Florida, is a private school, which was founded by Joseph Trazos in 1972. “Art is Art,” is the motto of the academy which aims at providing its students with an artistic learning experience that will help them to improve their creativity and artistic skill and develop an appreciation for art. Since its establishment, this school has attracted a large number of students who are looking forward to improving their artistic ability. The school offers various programs for students to choose from and most of them focus on various subjects like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, writing, dance, graphic design, computer science, and animation. Information can be found here.


The school is committed to providing high-quality art classes that are both challenging and exciting. The curriculum offered includes advanced painting and drawing techniques. They also provide instruction in digital photography. The school offers various programs such as the Painting Master’s Program, which is designed to train art students in basic painting skills, while the Drawing and Sculpture Programs are meant to give the students an insight into the drawing. One of the programs in the program of Drawing and Sculpture is called “Art on the Run.” This program is perfect for students who want to be able to paint from anywhere; they don’t have to stay in one place. See here for information about The Breathtaking Uleta Park in North Miami Beach, FL.


Art education is the number one priority of the school, which is why all students must be enrolled in the Art Academy in North Miami Beach, FL. All of their classes offer an opportunity for students to participate in various activities which will help them develop as creative artists. Art courses are taught at the Art Academy in North Miami Beach, FL in studios, workshops, and special programs. There are different courses offered for different age groups and they are divided by the subjects like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and writing. The school offers a wide variety of programs that allow students to choose from which will meet their specific needs. The school also offers a range of other special programs such as the Art Therapy Program, the Art Therapy Center, and the Arts and Creativity Retreat.