The most sought after luxury food and entertainment establishment in South Florida, “IPIC – North Miami Beach” has earned itself its place among the top five restaurants and five-star hotels in the Miami-Dade region. With over two hundred employees and over two hundred dining establishments, the restaurant and nightclub chain provides the perfect blend of fine dining, live music performances, and fun nightlife. “IPIC – North Miami Beach” strives to be the best in South Florida. In fact, “IPIC – North Miami Beach” was named one of the best South Florida chains and was named one of the Top Five Restaurant Chains in the United States by Travel and Leisure Magazine. The restaurant and nightclub chain is known for providing an eclectic and friendly atmosphere for everyone, with its casual and classy menu selections, a wide range of specialty cocktails, and fun ambiance and events. Discover more about North Miami Beach, FL here.


“IPIC – North Florida Beach” is located in the heart of North Miami Beach in Miami, Florida. “IPIC – North Florida Beach” is a premier fine dining, fine entertainment, and nightlife destination for people of all ages. “IPIC – North Florida Beach” was created in 2020 by the renowned restaurateur, Mario Batali. “IPIC – North Florida Beach” specializes in providing a unique mix of traditional Italian cuisine, modern, casual dining, live music concerts, comedy nights, and fun nightclub shows. It is known as a leading restaurant chain in South Florida, which is home to several restaurants. That offers international and classic cuisine. Discover facts about Enjoy The Shows at Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater in North Miami Beach, FL.


“IPIC – North Florida Beach” is one of the largest and most popular Italian restaurants in the state of Florida. The restaurant chain offers a delicious menu filled with fresh local ingredients and international flavors. Each restaurant offers a variety of appetizers, entrees, appetizer salads, soup, desserts, bread sticks, and other specialty dishes. It also serves pizza, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, and pasta salads. It offers an extensive range of wine selections, with some of the best selections from Napa Valley. And Italy. It serves traditional Italian fare such as seafood, meats, seafood, and vegetables, baked chicken, pizzas, pizza, pasta, pastas, vegetarian, cheeses, vegetarian, and more.