The North Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department are responsible for providing the community with a wide variety of services and amenities in order to provide enjoyment and recreation for its residents. It has also made sure that the surrounding areas have access to a number of facilities that are meant to make life easier for residents of the city. Some of these services include; playgrounds, parks, community centers, picnic spots, spas, marinas, and other amenities that will enhance the lives of residents. The Department also maintains many parks that are meant for residents of the city and are very affordable. Click here for facts about North Miami Beach, FL.


There are several parks that are open to the public and are located in the North Miami Beach neighborhood of the city. The parks that can be accessed by the public include; Coral Gables Park, Delray Beach Park, Fort Myers Beach Park, and Ponte Vedra Beach Park. These are just some of the parks that you can easily access from your home or office. When you want to enjoy the benefits that the community offers, you can simply take a stroll around these parks and engage yourself in activities. You will find numerous playgrounds that will offer you lots of exercise as well as enjoyable recreational opportunities. Other parks that are located near these neighborhoods also include; Ocean View Park, Sunset Park, Atlantic Ocean Park, and The Bayfront Park. Click here to read about Be Sporty at The North Miami Beach Tennis Center in Florida.


If you are looking for a place to eat and socialize then there are many places that are within walking distance of these parks. The restaurants in the area are very affordable and you will not have to spend much money in order to enjoy the delicious food. With the many different attractions that are located near these communities you will definitely find one that will not only meet your needs, but also provide you with plenty of pleasure. Take time to explore these neighborhoods and discover what you can get out of it.