North Miami Beach is a great place to live and has lots of exciting things to offer. This city is situated in Florida state and is known for its amazing climate and beautiful beaches. Many people from all over the country visit this city every year for a vacation. One of the main attractions of North Miami Beach is the City Hall, which is also known as City Hall Plaza, and it’s located right at the corner of Coral Ridge Drive and Biscayne Bay Boulevard. The city hall is where all major city activities and meetings are held and where the mayor and other public officials meet. Find further facts here.


When you arrive in this city, you’ll see that there are several steps leading to the city hall. There is an entrance in the rear of the building, a covered staircase that goes down to the steps, and then you will have to go through a tunnel. There are several entrances that lead to this area. The first one is by the library on the way to the city hall. The second is the Miami-Dade County Government building on Biscayne Bay Blvd. The last one is by the Oceanfront Park. The parking lot in front of the city hall is very small so if you are coming from out of town you should make sure that you park somewhere near this area. Read about North Miami Beach Parks and Recreation on Florida – Provides Enjoyment to People here.


You can easily access the city hall through the front doors. The way that you can get in there is that you need to walk up the stairs that lead to the steps leading to the front door and then you just need to follow the sign that will lead you to the steps leading to the entrance door. However, if you don’t want to get up there and walk into the city hall then you can always just use your car to get to the front door. If you drive any further up Biscayne Bay Blvd. you will find a gate that says “City Hall”. All you have to do is follow the sign to get inside and then you’re all set to make a statement. You can start talking to everyone, tell them what your plans are for the day, and let everyone know how much you appreciate all of the hard work that they have put into North Miami Beach.