Pembroke Park, Florida is a popular vacation destination for families and singles alike. Pembroke Park lies on the south end of Broward County in Florida and is a community of more than 800 homes. Pembroke Park has been a favorite vacation spot for many families because of its convenient location – it is only thirty-two miles from Miami Beach, the Florida International University campus, and the Pompano Beach amusement park. In Pembroke Park, you will find restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and even a major indoor golf course. Clicking here will deliver more on North Miami Beach, FL.


Pembroke Park, Florida was established in the year 1920 to create a public school. The community was planned along Pembroke Road, which runs from the intersection of Pembroke Way and Fitch Street. The neighborhood was planned with the idea that the houses should be located so that they could be reached by a majority of residents. The primary goal of the Pembroke Park community was to create a residential center with shopping, parks, public facilities, and schools. The primary purpose of this plan was to attract African American families to the community. Information about Opa-Locka, Florida – An Amazing Florida Destination can be found here. 

Pembroke Park, Florida became a bustling community in the year 1940. Many businesses such as a post office, a shoe store, a general store, a bar, and nightclubs opened along Pembroke Way. This thriving community became one of the most popular communities in Florida. A Pembroke Park Florida campaign finance plan was approved by the city government in December of that year. At that time, Florida’s campaign finance law allowed the candidate to accept unlimited funds.

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