In the heart of South Florida lies the charming and delightful Uleta Park in North Miami Beach, Florida. This small community is situated directly across the Miami-Dade County line and is conveniently close to the international airport. In fact, Uleta Park is also located on the edge of the park and has a few minutes walk to the beaches. Learn information about North Miami Beach, FL here.


Uleta Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County, as it was built during the late nineteenth century and is still maintained today by a private association. In addition to the quaint cobblestone streets, there are also a number of small shops and restaurants where you can buy and eat meals, snacks, and beverages. As you walk through the neighborhood, you will notice many homes, all of which have porches that overlook the beautiful oceanfront. You will even find a small hotel, which is the perfect place to stay while in the neighborhood. Discover facts about Getting Active Through Sports In North Miami Beach, Florida Washington Park.

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The Uleta Park in North Miami Beach is perfect for families and people who enjoy the sun and the ocean. There are numerous beaches throughout the neighborhood, and there is plenty of area to play and to swim. There is also an area for boating. It is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with the perfect location for those looking to live in the center of a vibrant city. This is a great place to raise a family or to enjoy the sunshine. With a large population of retirees, there is a good chance that you will not run into someone who does not know about Uleta Park.