West Park, Florida is one of the largest cities in Florida. This city of approximately eight hundred thousand people is located about ten miles west of Miami, and about ten miles north of Clearwater, Florida. West Park has much to offer its visitors: beautiful landscape, tons of activities, dining, shopping, family attractions, as well as sporting events, and recreation. Today, West Park is considering a tourist hot spot. Visit this link for North Miami Beach, FL facts.


In addition to boasting beautiful scenery, West Park has many different entertainment venues for tourists. It is home to Sea World and the Wet and Wild Water Park. At the Wet and Wild Water Park, there are over fifty rides for those who enjoy water-based activities. Other entertainment venues include the Miami Gardens, the Miami Zoo, and the Elton John Theatre all in West Park. A large portion of West Park is devoted to housing retirement and single-family homes; the park even has a twenty-six-acre lake forest. Discover facts about Sunny Isles Beach Florida – What Makes it a Popular Community.

The West Park real estate market is currently experiencing strong growth. According to an interview with a West Park, Florida realtor, the main reason for this is because there are not any large developments in the immediate area, but that there is a pent up demand for housing in West Park, Florida due to the low real estate prices in Miami. As more people move to Miami and the surrounding area, the demand for housing increases and the supply remains constant or falls. Currently, there are already several new condominiums, apartment buildings, and single-family homes starting on the market. As more people move to West Park, Florida, it will become a hot spot for real estate investments.

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