St. Bernard De Clairvaux Church in North Miami Beach, Florida is a historic Spanish monastery church that were built in Sacramenia, Spain in the middle of the tenth century but demolished in the middle of the twentieth century, and moved to New York City where it became the St. Bernard De Clairvaux Catholic Church. It was then purchased by the city and converted into a museum and then converted back to a church in 1980 and is dedicated to the Dominican Friar Antonio de Alcubierre, who founded the church and was a Dominican friar and priest during the Middle Ages and later a Cardinal. Visit this link for more information.


Saint Bernard, the patron saint of those in prison or suffering from leprosy, was born near Verona and died near Madrid. His feast day is on the 8th of February and it is also a National Holiday in many countries. The Saint Bernard Parish was founded during the Middle Ages as a place for people who were leprous or in prison and the church is known for its beautiful stained glass windows and the beautiful stained glass roof. It has a beautiful interior and an outdoor garden. It is also a home for the Angelic Sisters who live there. Read about An Amazing Experience at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL here.


This is a wonderful little church with a lot of history and symbolism. It is also very unique and beautiful inside and out. You will be able to see a real living saint in action. It is beautiful inside and out and a nice little museum.